Clinbotics in an independent project management company formed in 2019 located in NE Oklahoma.


Relieve Pain and Suffering

Clinbotics is compassionate for whose wellbeing is improved by alternative medicines. Medical patients have the right to care and self manage their ailment and affliction. Patients and practitioners deserve information to tailor their medicinal requirements and establish a basis for safe standardized care.

Cannabis and cannabis products are not cure-all medical solutions. However, cannabis has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years across many cultures.


Improve Patient Outcome

Clinbotics LLC plans to provide project management schedules to Oklahoma’s patient, grower, processor, and dispensary community. Clinbotics outputs and reports to supplement and improve patient outcome.



  • Set goal and manage objectives.
  • Determine action to achieve goal.
  • Mobilizing resources to execute the action.
  • Control project and mitigate uncertainty.
  • Celebrate!

Information provided is for education and research purposes only.